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Hi , I am Sanooja Chawla from Delhi.I am an intuitive Tarot Card Reader , Healer , Tarot Coach & Nutrition Therapist.I help you learn how to manifest your desires by tapping into your intuition using tarot cards. My readings inspire people in their difficult times releasing negative energy and providing solutions of their problems, peace & serenity.

My mission & passion is to empower you to make better choices for yourself & bring transformation in to your lives.I also help people learn tarot card reading & use tarot cards as a personal & spiritual tool.
Identify an area in your life that needs attention and nurturing. No matter where an individual is stuck in life right now, Tarot can help you ! Tarot is the best tool to get clarity , finding peace,making tough decisions,improving relationship, making excellent choices be it your personal level , finances, job,business, relationship etc and create a plan to get desired results.
My approach to Tarot is very practical, revolutionary and grounded to learning and using the cards that emphasizes personal insight & creativity by using the techniques that are interactive, transformational & empowering.

T-  tools
A  -and
R - rites
O - of 
T-  transformation

My approach is to build a strong bond with my clients & understand their issue. Together we will look into the cards , what is happening in the present moment, what are the challenges and obstacles & what actions can be taken in the present moment to get the desired results in the future using 3 card spread , Celtic cross and more spreads
Not only telling the present situation to my clients I also give remedies to my clients for problems they face through different healing modalities.
I believe Tarot Cards are the beautiful gift given to me by the universe.I love my cards.I feel connected to the Divine self which I experience in my readings and classes.

My Mission -----  To bring tarot to the mainstream. I created Tarot Wisdom because I feel to share my knowledge of healing and tarot cards. To inspire you to use it and use your wisdom to improve your life.To help 100,000 women become self reliant & achieve financial freedom through the power of tarot cards.
My life purpose is to help people transform their lives.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". ----- Eleanor Roosevelt

Warm Regards

Sanooja Chawla


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