1. A GOOD LISTNER - A good tarot card reader should listen to the clients so that the person is able to open their heart. they really need your guidance . Listen to them patiently.

2. GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILL - A good reader should be able to give the message to the client in a right and effective manner. Develop client oriented approach. Use and learn effective communication skills . You can also learn Neuro Linguistic Programming.

3. COUNSELLING SKILLS- We all have counselling skills . All we need to do is to use it for our clients. Choose the words very wisely because your words can either heal them or can also hurt them. So be little careful.

4. KEEP LEARNING - Whole life is a learning process. A good tarot card reader should uplift his or her knowledge on regular basis. Know your cards.

5. DEVELOP INTUITION - Your intuition helps you in not only your readings but also in every aspect of your life. Practice Reiki healing and do Meditations to increase your intuition power . Trust your intuition.

6. MAINTAIN JOURNAL - A good tarot card reader must maintain Tarot Journal. It will build a strong connect with your cards, act as a therapy, improves memory, helps you in writing your own book, develops your intuition too. Keep Journaling.

Luv & Blessings....

Sanooja Chawla

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