Benefits of Tarot Journaling

Journaling is a written record of our thoughts & feelings to understand them more clearly. It involves the practice of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts & feelings surrounding your life events.

Journaling is
1.A mindful practice which helps you reduce any kind of stress & increases positivity.
2. It is linked to the psychological process & it gives great insight for us to transform our lives.
3. Writing in a Journal removes mental blockages & allows us to use of brain power.Helps us to get better understanding about ourselves.

1. Builds strong connect with the cards.
2. Act as a Therapy.
3. Improves Memory.
4. Develops your Intuition.
5. Writing your own book.

Dear Readers , start writing your Journal and have fun in journaling.
Committed to your happiness & success.

Sanooja Chawla

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