What is Your Energetic Word - Of - The - Year ?

 Understand the power of words! 

When you select a word of the year, it guides you throughout the year. It creates an impression in your subconscious mind. It reminds you of what you want to DO? What you want to BE? 
In 2020 I choose "LEARNING "as my word of the year, it guided me & I invested a lot of my time in learning new skills. I got connected to my life purpose.
In 2021, my Word- Of-The - Year is "ACTION" and I am guided to tap into the energy of taking action in all areas of my life just like a MAGICIAN who has all the resources to manifest the things. All it guides to take ACTION.

What is your Energetic WORD OF THE YEAR? 

Write in the comment section.

If confused, what to choose, look at these words____
Compassion, gratitude,money , abundance,discipline,creative,health ,growth ,healing,concentration,strength,balance,empowered,popular,productive

Committed to your growth

Sanooja Chawla

"All our dreams can come true

if we have the courage to pursue them."  __ Walt Disney

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