The Hierophant asks you to find the deeper meaning of life as you walk on the spiritual path. It asks you to listen to other people's beliefs and always check your own belief system., whether it is working for you or against you. If it is against you then it is time to change them into new beliefs that help you create a better life. It is time to re-examine your values, core beliefs, and make the necessary changes that support as you get aligned with your life purpose.

So What To expect in 2021 And Where To Focus Your Energy?
The universal message for you is that you can create a life of your dreams through spiritual development, so connect with your mentor, teacher, spiritual guru, coach, or spiritual friend on a regular basis and take their advice for your spiritual and personal growth and development. The Hierophant also asks you to explore your spiritual beliefs this year. Fix a dedicated time in your schedule for activities like yoga, chanting, meditation, and anything that helps in your evolution and in your development.

If you have been thinking of acquiring spiritual knowledge, this is a year when you will feel a strong pull to join the spiritual studies, be it Tarot, numerology, or any other healing modalities, just go for it.

5 is a universal year,5 is the year of change, adventure, and seeking freedom. Do not try to resist the changes coming into your life & stay positive as these changes will help you grow eventually. You will discover new opportunities & feel more in rhythm with yourself.
It is a year of freedom, liberation, being ambitious, passionate, and vibrant. You may face new adventures, travel, and more pleasure in life. The energy of 2020 made you feel restricted, now 2021 is all about breaking the old system & structure and bring more freedom in your life.

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