Be Always Thankful and Grateful

 Giving thanks can make you happier __ Harvard Health

Being grateful for all the wonderful things in life that the universe has given us is the key to remain truly happy. Start appreciating rather than focus on the negativity. Many recent studies have shown that if you start counting your blessings on a regular basis it will not only make you an optimistic person but also bring magical results and positive changes in your life.
Gratitude simply indicates that you are aware of your blessings, appreciate the small things, and acknowledge all that you do have. Gratitude is a positive emotion that serves a biological purpose. Gratitude is more than feeling thankful; it is a deeper appreciation for someone or something that produces long-lasting positive energy.
" Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude." ____ Ralph Waldo Emerson


1.Maintains Well  Being
The expression of thank you can improve your overall well Being. Grateful people are more optimistic, open-minded, and less neurotic.
2. Deep Relationship
It is a powerful tool for strengthening personal relations. You learn to forgive others and let go of the things that ultimately help you to improve your relationship with others and also you do not carry the extra and undesired emotional baggage with you.
3. Makes you Optimistic
Research shows that people who are more focused on gratitude are more optimistic in many areas of their life including health and lead a healthy lifestyle.
4. Brings Happiness
In the pursuit of happiness and life satisfaction, gratitude offers a long-lasting effect. Thus gratitude increases happiness.
5.Increases self-control
Discipline and concentration help in increasing self-control. Self-control helps us stick to the better choice of our long term health, finances, and well being.
6. Better Physical and MentalHealth
The feeling of being thankful and appreciative helps us to have a healthier mind and with that healthier body.
7.An overall Better Life
Gratitude improves and heals our life. It decreases the levels of depression and anxiety.

Let us apply it to your life.
This very evening, before you go to sleep, think of the positive things that happened during the day and say Thank You Thank You Thank You to the universe for all that you are grateful for.
Believe me, this will bring amazing positive changes in your life soon. You might just be surprised by the benefits it brings you. 
Hope you look forward to experiencing this valuable emotion.

Thank you, dear readers.........

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